Tuesday, July 02, 2013

How To Learn Math

I've decided to attend Stanford. Sort of.

I just enrolled in EDUC115N: How to Learn Math:
In July 2013 a new course will be available on Stanford’s free on-line platform. The course is a short intervention designed to change students’ relationships with math. I have taught this intervention successfully in the past (in classrooms); it caused students to re-engage successfully with math, taking a new approach to the subject and their learning.

In the 2013-2014 school year the course will be offered to learners of math but in July of 2013 I will release a version of the course designed for teachers and other helpers of math learners, such as parents. In the teacher/parent version I will share the ideas I will present to students and hold a conversation with teachers and parents about the ideas. There will also be sessions giving teachers/parents particular strategies for achieving changes in students and opportunities for participants to work together on ideas through the forum pages. The ideas I will share will be really helpful as teachers prepare to implement the new Common Core State Standards.
Taught by Jo Boaler, this course is for both teachers and parents and will focus on the following eight concepts:
  1. Knocking down the myths about math.
  2. Math and Mindset.
  3. Mistakes, Challenges & Persistence.
  4. Teaching Math for a Growth Mindset.
  5. Conceptual Learning Part I: Number Sense.
  6. Conceptual Learning Part II: Connections, Representations, Questions.
  7. Appreciating Algebra.
  8. Going From This Course to a New Mathematical Future.
This course is completely online, and free, and is loosely structured so you can more or less go at your own pace. I've already connected with several folks on Twitter who are enrolled (hashtag #EDU115, unless we're instructed otherwise), so I'm hoping the discussions will be rich, relevant and meaningful.

The class "starts" on July 15th and "ends" on September 27th (although I anticipate "finishing" it sooner if the course allows as things get really busy once school starts up). If you have an interest - as a teacher or a parent - consider joining us. There's no cost, and really there's no huge commitment - if you end up not fully participating - or not participating at all - that's okay.

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