Monday, February 21, 2011

Board of Education Social Media/Networking Discussion

On Thursday, March 10, 2011, sometime between 7-8:30 pm Mountain Time (depends on how the agenda goes), we will be having a discussion with our Board of Education surrounding Social Media/Social Networking and K-12 schools. Details are still to be ironed out, but we expect to host a web page with the presentation and a CoverItLive live blog session embedded side-by-side, and also plan to have a live stream that can be opened separately.

Update 3-7-11: Here's the page with the Cover-It-Live and the Prezi.

Some of the questions/issues we’re likely to address are:
What is social media/networking? How is it different? Why is it important?

What is the social value of social media/networking?

What are the realities and what are the myths? What are the risks and what are the benefits?

What are the organizational, communication, and learning power of these services?

How can these be used for learning and collaboration, not just echo-chamber and group think?

What is their role in K-12 education? (Note: I’m in high school, so that’s my focus, and I imagine most of the focus in this discussion will be age 13 and up, but thoughts on younger ages are welcome as well.)

What should Board policy look like surrounding social media/networking? Should there be policy? If so, should it be just for this, or should it fall under our current code of conduct and we don’t need a separate policy?

What should our Internet filter policy be for this? What about students that use their phones/own connection to the Internet while at school and therefore aren’t restricted by our filter?
We’ll use the hashtag #BoardChat

Proposed Prezi Presentation (First Draft 2-20-11, feedback to Dan Maas).

Please leave any thoughts you have about the above items – or additional related items not listed -in this Google Doc. Thanks in advance.


  1. Karl, be sure to have look at this teacher's blogpost making a case for Facebook at school. Doug Johnson refers to it in a post from his Blue Skunk Blog today.

    Hope to be in the lurking audience!!

  2. What a great idea. As a former board member and as a current teacher interested in using social media and networking, this scenario would appeal to all my neurons.

  3. Hi Karl, We've been having/leading some of the same discussions in KY. Here are some links to our Prezi and shared Google Bookmarks.


    Social Media Bookmarks:!threadID=GGXZwhsAFAKo%2FBDSKrZQoQk93VnOUl

    (most of the bookmarks we use around narratives, so may not be as useful)

  4. Not sure of your timeline but if the meeting is not for a week or more you could even try a Google Moderator session to see what questions board members, parents, educators and students have towards social media.

  5. This is an interesting topic Karl.. As a university student in the education department I think social networking is a very interesting subject to discuss. In this new era students are becoming more attuned with technology and are communicating in many new ways. As a teacher it is always a plus to know how and what students are talking about.

  6. Hello Karl,
    We want to use social media to engage these people in conversation and tell them about our product and our vision. We want to engage these bloggers, teachers, managers on their blogs, on their social media channels and communicate across to them.
    We want to utilize web 2.0 technologies to implement a collaboration/communication platform that schools, classrooms, teachers, parents, and students can use. Microblogs, blogs, and wikis are currently the weapons of choice for tech-savvy educators. We need to introduce to them a better way of collaborating and sharing information.
    Education social networking is the best for your class. It helps to connect with your teachers and students and communicate with your class.