Sunday, February 20, 2011

What If It Was Possible?

(cross-posted on my class blog - thought some of you here might be interested.)

Teachers get this fairly often.
That's impossible Mr. Fisch. I can't do that.
Is it really impossible? Or does it just take a whole lot of work?


So next time you feel yourself getting ready to say,
That's impossible.
remember this video and ask yourself,
Is it really impossible? Or do I just have to work at it?
What kind of box have you put yourself in?

(via A Year of Reading)


  1. I enjoy your video and your message very much. This truly an inspirational blog entry. Thank you for bringing this into my day.

  2. Mr. Fisch, thank you for the inspiring post along with the video. Too often I hear people say that they can't do something because it's impossible. I agree with you 100 percent, I think all things are possible if you believe and work hard.

  3. After reading/watching This Post by Mr. Fisch, I have come to an epiphany. I have realized that not being able to do something is a myth until proven impossible. This relates to every aspect of my life. I say that, "It's impossible" to hit a baseball further, to run faster, and to climb 30 skyscrapers without ropes. All of these things have bean proven that it is, in fact, possible. People have used the word "impossible" way too freely, and this one thought, this one subtle word "impossible" could change the way our world evaluates "possible". Thanks Mr. Fisch