Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Than a Passing Trend Part II

On the heels of my previous post I came across this video by Erik Qualman - some interesting observations in the comments to his post. I'll present it here without comment of my own, other than I think there are some interesting ideas to consider here.

Oh, one more thing. I believe this falls into the category of "D'oh!" Any chance you think they'll do retroactive revenue sharing?


  1. "14% of people trust advertisements" - one of the few stats in this video which might just be correct demonstrates everything which is wrong with this advertisement.

    The best part of this ad is that it is a great place to teach about information literacy, referencing and ethical practice.

  2. @Marita - I agree that information literacy is huge, and some of his stats definitely need to be looked at. But a fair number of them are accurate, and the big picture of social media and how it relates to branding, marketing and running a business is an idea we need to look at more closely (and, of course, the related issue of its affect on education/schools/teaching/learning). I don't think we should dismiss the issues this raises just because he ran a little loose with some of the facts.

  3. Karl, just think.. you could be a retro millionnaire!