Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Best (?) of The Fischbowl 2008

Like the previous two years, this is the post where I try to pull together some of the most interesting blog posts from my blog in 2008. These are not necessarily fantastic posts, but should give readers that are new to the blog a place to start to get a feel for what this blog is all about.

I posted 141 times in 2008, roughly equivalent to the 148 in 2007 and still down significantly from the 199 in 2006. This is my 538th post since beginning in September of 2005.

Here we go.

January (18 posts)
Best: Think Pink: A Whole New Learning Experience
Honorable Mention: How Should Colleges Assess and Improve Student Learning?

February (15 posts)
Best: Mrs. Moritz's and Mrs. Smith's Students - What are you Going to Learn Today?
Honorable Mention: NCTE - "Shifting" Toward a New Literacy

March (14 posts)
Best: The Future of the Newspaper
Honorable Mention: Voicethread Examples

April (7 posts)
Best: The Need for Textbooks
Honorable Mention: "I Already Have"

May (5 posts)
Best: The Rise of the Rest
Honorable Mention: Apple to Apple

June (1 post)
None, sorry. I'll post extra for July.

July (8 posts)
Best: It Is What We Make of It
Honorable Mentions: Stuck; Should We Be Teaching This in "Social Studies?"; GE, Social Networking, and Collaboration

August (13 posts)
Best: AHS Chemistry Podcasts
Honorable Mentions: Entrants Must Be 18 or Older?; Texting, tapping, clicking, tweeting, filming: The Rocky Covers the DNC

September (20 posts)
Best: Intellectual Freedom: Where Do You Stand?
Honorable Mentions: Please Help Abby with Her Homework; Advanced Placement is Changing; the Little Brother series of blog posts: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0

October (12 posts)
Best: Political Debates 2.0
Honorable Mention: This I Believe Goes Global

November (12 posts)
Best: Democracy 2.0
Honorable Mention: The Next Election

December (16 posts)
Best: Let's Stop Preparing Kids for College
Honorable Mentions: Let's Get Rid of Acceptable Use Policies; Online Student Teaching?, Kiva posts (Give Until It Feels Good: Join Team Shift Happens on Kiva; Kiva Update and a Not-So-Modest Proposal; Your Name Here)

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