Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 AHS Faculty Dance Video

As I said last year (and the year before), we take a break from this blog's regular content to show you what my faculty does when they're not changing the world.

This year I again had a wide shot video, and a more close up video, and I still don't have the time - or the talent - to make a fantastic video production, so I decided simply to upload both of them. The first version is the "wide" shot, the second version is the "close up."

As I also said last year, do I work in a fun building or what?


  1. Incredible - looks like everyone's having an amazing amount of fun!

  2. Oh, golly. If you tried to get our high school faculty to do that, there'd be blood. I envy you.

  3. Keep uploading these! I look forward to this post every year!

    We had a few teachers dance to the Spice Girls last May and had two versions of the Superbowl/Homecoming/Playoff Shuffle during football season.

    Keep up the great work!