Saturday, August 16, 2008

Follow-Up to Questions for Senators Obama and McCain

Thanks to Ben Nuebel in the comments, I wanted to include this follow-up to my earlier post about wanting to have a good question ready in case I ran into Senator Obama when he was here in Denver.

Ben points out that the DNC is at least making a show of soliciting questions from all of us:
As part of throwing open the doors to the Convention, we’re inviting Americans from around the country to contribute to the program by asking questions in America’s Town Hall. We want to hear your questions for our elected leaders and national experts. While your thoughts on any topic are welcome, we are particularly interested in hearing your questions and personal stories about how to change politics as usual, fix our economy, make America safer and restore our nation’s standing in the world.

Of the many submissions received, we will select a few questions to use at the Democratic National Convention from August 25-28. These questions will be answered by speakers, live from Denver in front of thousands of delegates in the hall and millions of Americans watching from home. We will also be answering questions online throughout the Convention.
Deadline is August 27th.

Now, they pretty clearly state that they will only be selecting a "few" questions to use at the Convention, so it's pretty unlikely that any of our questions will be addressed (especially if they don't match the message they're trying to deliver - see the four suggested topics above). But, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, so - edubloggers (and others) - submit your questions (text, video file, YouTube link, or they may come make a video of you asking the question if you're selected).

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  1. Sen. Obama, would you please explain your position on the inclusion of religion based amendments to the Constitution? As Americans, we have freedom of religion- does this mean that we should be against any lobbyist trying to squeeze in bits of reform?