Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Did You Know? - Music Industry Remix

A while back Scott McLeod, Jeff Brenman (who did the Slideshare version) and I received an email from someone at Sony BMG Music Entertainment asking us if they could remix the various versions of Did You Know? for a meeting they had coming up. We said sure and they came up with this and gave us permission to link to it. (It takes a little while to load - sorry, can't figure out how to embed it. you'll have to follow the link).

Here's the written description:
The following adaptation of the original "Shift Happens" presentation was created by Sony BMG Music Entertainment. The video, presented by Richard Sanders, President of Sony BMG International, was shown on 4 May 2008 to 150 of the company's top executives gathered in Rome for Sony BMG’s annual Global Management Meeting. As part of Sony BMG’s mission to improve the music experience for consumers living in "exponential times", the video illustrates the demand for change.
No words of wisdom here, I just thought some of you might find it interesting.

Update: That link no longer works, but you can find it on YouTube, or download a high quality version (mp4, 41.9 MB). As with all remixes of Did You Know?/Shift Happens, it's Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike licensed, so you're welcome to use it under that license.


  1. Karl,
    Love it - noticed they snuck in the illegal downloads at the very end of the video which was not part of your original presentation.
    I find it restores the intensity that was present in your first creation and that was missing in the Slideshare version (my opinion).
    It would be a fascinating visual design discussion to compare the three versions.
    Thanks for sharing, would love this to be available on a video sharing site.

  2. You are WAYYY too modest. This is VERY cool. If your presentation was junk it wouldn't have gotten a second glance. Instead, they invested time and resources into it. NOT something they do lightly.


  3. I have been a fan of this presentation ever since I first saw it well over a year ago.

    I believe it is an addition by the folks at Sony BMG, but the Facebook/Market Audience stat is incorrect.

    Sony BMG Stats: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kyle_simon/2779897173
    Facebook Stats: http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?timeline

  4. I agree you are way too modest. The very rich and lucrative SONY should have offered you money Karl--it is your brainchild. I know this is not about the money but instead the learning and the need for change. But honestly they are filthy rich, and I think thay can afford to pay out some money for using this.

  5. Fascinating that Sony BMG, victim of illegal downloads, actually asked for permission to remix your presentation.
    How many times and places do you think your presentation has been used in which you have not received credit?

  6. It good to know that 'shift happens' has attracted corporate interest. Some interesting presentation developments, but some themes (colour) has been discarded but another version. Is there room for video tennis, similiar to photoshop tennis I have enjoyed viewing? thanks for sharing.

  7. @jim and @cathy - not sure what modest has to do with it. I've certainly had my 15 minutes because of the presentation, but I didn't contribute to this one - their creative folks came up with the remix.

    @Karen - yes, although I wouldn't call it "snuck in," as I think that was part of their point of showing it to these folks. As they said, it illustrates "the demand for change."

    @Lori - more than once and less than a million (I think). But it wasn't - and isn't - about the credit, right?

  8. Karl,
    I think I finally got the Blip embed to work. As this was pulled from the stream, the quality is not the best, but it still comes out fairly well.


    Let me know if this is OK, or if you want me to edit the information.

    Great stuff!

  9. Karl, this is quite an achievement. It is like penning a poem and someone like David Bowie or Bruce Springsteen comes along and asks may I use that on my next album?
    You should all be very proud.
    Home page

  10. @John Larkin Haven't heard from Springsteen yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time . . .

  11. It's great... but they need to put it on YouTube! Would it be illegal for me to do it? You? I got the video via email... forwarded as an attachment... circa 1999!

    I want to promote it on MySpace... but not as a download!

  12. I have watched the video previously and it is now blocked by Sony...what's up with that? I would have loved to use this in my teaching to show to students. Will Sony allow this to be shown again??

  13. @neushan - it stopped working a couple of days ago. I emailed my contact at Sony/BMG and he's looking into it. Hopefully it will become active again soon.

  14. Great video, Karl - my wife and I loved the concept, we've forwarded it to our friends and fellow students. I like the Sony version too, but I was wondering if anyone knew what song it was they used in theirs?

  15. @jdflood - The Sony/BMG version used Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim.

    Also, unless and until Sony/BMG can fix the original link, this version does currently exist on YouTube as well.

  16. This has made the rounds with our university administration but the link no longer works. Is there some place to get this again? When I click on the link it says "Your access to play this content has expired. This content is unavailable for playback." Any suggestions would be great!

  17. @jean - please see my comment directly above yours.

  18. Sony moved the video to a streaming server using the AKAMAI.com services.

    Copy and paste it in the url of your browser and it should work.

    You could also create a file
    with the extension wvx and paste the following into it:

    <asx version="3.0">
    <param name="Encoding" value="iso-8859-1"/>
    <title>SonyBMG Rome 2008</title>
    <copyright>(c) PromoMMX</copyright>
    <ref href="mms://a215.v47369f.c47369.g.vm.akamaistream.net/7/215/47369/v0001/sonybmgsftp.download.akamai.com/34732/promommxnonflash/GMM_Rome_DidYouKnow_300.wmv"/>

    and then open it with Windows Media Player. Remember though, you still require a internet connection to play it.

  19. Post Script:

    The Blog here cuts the screen display of the URL I indicated above. Don't write it down! Copy and paste it as indicated (Select two lines to make sure you get the whole URL)

  20. Would you be able to put the link to download this remix on your wiki? I didn't know about the remix's background, copyright terms or its availability as high quality download without a little digging beyond what I saw on the versions section of the wiki.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Ah I see now it is there but not especially clear. Might I suggest for the downloads page that it be more than a list of files by filename but include version info, copyright info and brief description? And maybe a more prominent downloads link? Thanks.

  23. The links to the high quality downloads seem to be down again. Do you know anywhere else I can download this excellent presentation?

  24. @Mark - the link listed under the "Update" part in the post should still work.