Thursday, May 05, 2011

Dear 16 Year Old Me

If you're 16 (or 14, or 17, or 11, or really any age), please watch this.


  1. Okay that made me tear up a little. I will repost on my facebook.


  2. Can you add a direct link to be able to post to Facebook for us mature adults who dont know how without a button to click? Thanks. Extremely well done.

  3. In your "Dear 16 Year Old Me", you show the insane risk of getting Melanoma, a concerning risk that I’ve never even heard of. Melanoma is a tumor that attacks melanin which gives you your skin and hair color. First, sun screen can be a annoying thing but, your skin needs it; getting a sunburn doubles your risk of getting Melanoma. Put the sun screen on today rather than having to get surgical removal and even worse. Next, Melanoma is the second most common cancer in kids and teenagers. This is rather concerning to me because when I'm out in the sun for extended periods of time I never put sun screen; therefore I could be at a higher risk of getting this brutal cancer. Lastly, Melanoma is only treatable at the early stage when the tumor can be surgically removed; however if you have it and you don’t notice, this cancer can spread very rapidly to parts of your body that the tumor can’t be removed from then forcing you will be faced with a more serious phase of it. In conclusion, Melanoma is a very serious matter that we need to educate people on so they can take the right precautions to hopefully avoid this painful cancer.

  4. Dear Mr. Fisch
    After watching the video you posted called “Dear 16 year old me” I was shocked and surprised about some of the facts the video contained. One of them I found extremely disturbing was that getting sunburn before you are eighteen nearly doubles your chances to get Melanoma. This is such a disturbing fact considering that almost every teen has been sun burnt. It also was informative because it talked about some of the ways you can prevent it and also spot it early like using sunscreen and checking your body once a month. I think if everyone can keep these things in mind we can prevent tragedies from happening.

  5. Dear Mr. Fisch
    As I watched this video I thought of my five year old cousin who has gotten leukemia for the second time and although it is not skin cancer it is still tragic. I also thought of how anyone can get cancer, and I am scared some times because on my mother’s side of the family almost every woman has died from breast cancer; in fact my grandmother was the only one to survive it and now she lives life to the fullest even though she is 70 years old. But even though I get a little scared sometimes I have the optimism of my grandmother and cousin that anyone can make it. Now that I see what people would say to their sixteen year selves I now see that the smallest things can cause the biggest problems. This video has really opened my eyes to the little things in life.