Thursday, January 24, 2008

Creativity: More Food for Thought for Our AWNM Project

I just wanted to share a couple of other resources for our students involved in studying Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind.

First, Carolyn Foote pointed me to this post from 2006 on Presentation Zen applying the six senses of AWNM to presentations:
The six fundamental aptitudes outlined by Pink can be applied to many aspects of our personal and professional lives. Below, I list the six key abilities as they relate to the art of presentation. The six aptitudes are: Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play, and Meaning. My discussion is with presentations (enhanced by multimedia) in mind, but you could take the six aptitudes and apply them to the art of game design, programming, product design, project management, health care, teaching, retail, PR, and so on.
I think the post is well worth reading for our students as they consider the application of the six senses (and also as they create their Wikified Research Papers or other presentations at Arapahoe).

Then, for those truly dedicated students (you know who you are), you should consider watching this 19 minute presentation given by Sir Ken Robinson, where he makes the case that schools should be cultivating creativity, but he fears that we are actually killing it. (For some reason, when I embed the video on this post it won't play, so you'll need to view it on the TED site.) Be forewarned, he doesn't mince words (at about the 3 minute mark):
My contention is that all kids have tremendous talents and we squander them - pretty ruthlessly . . . My contention is that creativity now is as important in education as literacy - and we should treat it with the same status.

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