Friday, December 07, 2007

Student 2.0 Edublog

Watch their intro video on YouTube (or embedded below):


  1. Thanks Karl. Our discussion thread (including Scott McLeod) months ago was actually instrumental in this, so you're an unwitting parent too ;)

    See the full pre-launch "how you can help promote" blitz here.

  2. Can someone please post this to TeacherTube? I want to be able to view/use this at work.

  3. Selene, go to and enter the YouTube url, and it'll convert it to a downloadable file for you.

    I'm on Skype with Sean right now (who made the video), and he wants to keep it on one space for easier hit-tracking.

    (And I wish you luck in getting your school to see the light on unblocking YouTube!)

  4. Thanks for your support, Karl.

    The network has certainly mobilized to support us in our endeavor. I guess it's time for the age of student-teachers.

  5. @Clay - glad to have at least a hand in the thought-procreation of this.

    I have to say, though, the image of you as Godfather was a little bit chilling. I had nightmares of virtual horse heads in my bed last night . . . :-)

  6. @Arthus - Yes, I'd say the network definitely stepped up with some support. Now comes the hard part, of course, having an impact outside of the network (or growing the network if you will). No pressure, but many of us have really struggled with having that impact, so we could really use your help. Help us change the world.