Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Can GooglePanels and the GoogleGrid be Far Behind?

Okay, this is a little scary:

According to Google’s news release, the company “is hiring engineers and energy experts to lead its research and development work, which will begin with a significant effort on solar thermal technology, and will also investigate enhanced geothermal systems and other areas. In 2008, Google expects to spend tens of millions on research and development and related investments in renewable energy. As part of its capital planning process, the company also anticipates investing hundreds of millions of dollars in breakthrough renewable energy projects which generate positive returns.”
Umm, it was exactly one year ago today that I posted 2020 Vision. Hmmmm . . .


  1. Obviously, Google is using your blog and videos to map its vision for the future. I may have to rewatch 2020 to decide on my future investing strategy!
    : ) M

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  3. I watched your 20/20 vision awhile back after being selected to be on our school district's 1 to 1 laptop initiative planning committee. After seeing this press release on the New York Times I smiled to myself as I remembered that part.
    Kudos to you; even if it is a bit eerie.

  4. @Maria - Let's hope not - for the world's sake! On the other hand, if I can get some stock options . . .

    @Dan - I don't think it's "eerie" just yet - I had enough things in there that one of them had to be marginally close to something that may still not happen to make it seem eerie. Now, if two or three more things pop up, then we'll officially enter eerie-ville.

  5. I think that this future observation can possibly come true from all the smart people in the world. Already the map came out on Google and they can also make it more complex to show everything and closer pictures. This scares me because some stranger could look up your address and find exactly where you are and recognize the house or property also. Making the maps into a video, makes it worse, because it would just make it easier to see where other people are and where they live. In that one mockumentary we watched in class, showing conversations, complex maps and where people are on a map could not be safe! I do not think that Googlepanels and GoogleGrid is far behind, because they accomplished so much so far, and probably will not stop.