Friday, March 09, 2007

Seniors Paying It Forward

I know there are kids like this at every school, but I just wanted to note that Michele's students are stepping up:
Several students in my 3rd hour, have come up with a way to really affect a student's life in Littleton Public School District. They came to me wanting to host a Bingo night to raise money for a family in need. They wondered if I knew anyone that had a great financial need. I knew just the right student. My sister is a preschool teacher at Hopkins Elementary School, just 10 blocks down the road from Arapahoe, and she has a student that has a terminal illness. My sister contacted the parents, her principal, and we got the ok (plus many happy tears) to move forward with our fundraising efforts. They understand that this is still in the preliminary stages, but that they would love to have the community support and love for their little girl.
Read more on the planning wiki.

I just get so tired of the constant bashing of teenagers (and, yes, I've done it myself once or twice). When given the chance, they almost always rise to the occasion.

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