Saturday, July 01, 2006

New Math Teacher Blog

This will be of most interest to the math teachers, but I thought all of you might be interested in this new blog from Dan Greene:
My hope in starting this blog is to try to start a forum in which math teachers can collaborate and share their ideas for creatively and effectively teaching specific concepts and structuring their courses. I plan on posting strategies that I am trying; but more importantly, I plan on posting questions I have, and am looking forward to the comments and discussion that will follow. If you have a question or topic that you want feedback on, just email me and I'll post it for comments. Also, please forward the address of this blog to any math teachers that you know so the ideas can multiply.
I think this is another creative use of a blog as a staff development tool. He's already had some interesting posts - and some interesting comments. He's off to a great start and I hope he continues - you might stop by and drop a comment to contribute to the conversation.

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  1. I took a quick look at this site and have already subscribed to it. I am interested to see where this goes. Thanks.