Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Literacy as a Civil Right

This wiki is an outgrowth of the NCTE's Winter Assembly for Research. Here's the introduction:

This wiki has been set up as a way to continue the conversation started at the NCTEAR Midwinter Conference held February 2006 and to develop a plan of action by which we, as researchers, can position ourselves as social activists and advocates against reductionist approaches to education and literacy education in particular. The theme of the conference was Literacy as a Civil Right, and one of the purposes of the conference was to reclaim and reappropriate terms such as social justice that have been taken up and twisted by current reductionist educational movements such as No Child Left Behind.

Please join in developing the purpose of this wiki and in taking action to resist current educational policy and to rewrite the future of education so that it will truly support the goals of social justice and equity in education and participation in the world.

Interesting ideas and another interesting use of a wiki (they are using pbwiki, the same one some of us have been experimenting with). Feel free to add your ideas to their wiki - they give you the password you need in the sidebar.

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