Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Karl's Corollary Revisited

From the LA Times:
On a recent morning in council chambers, Jose Huizar was sitting at his desk and flipping through reports when a reporter handed him a sheet of paper with an algebra problem on it: x + 9 = 18 -- 2x . . . As a school board member, Huizar backed toughening math standards at the LAUSD. A recent Times series found that many students drop out of school because of their inability to pass algebra.

The story goes on to recount how the reporter gave algebra questions to the four candidates running to succeed Mr. Huizar (who got it right, by the way) on the school board. Two got it right (although one took almost 3 minutes), one got it wrong, and one refused to answer.

I thought this was an interesting application of Karl's Corollary.

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  1. Do you know how excited I was that I could do that math problem? Yeah for me; I could be a school board member. Ah, no thanks.