Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blog Modifications

I've made some changes to the "look" of this blog to try to make things more user friendly. Please let me know if these help or hinder you, or if anything doesn't appear to be working.
  1. Changed the comments to be "peek-a-boo" - meaning when you click on the comments they expand right on that page instead of opening a new page. If you click on it again, they collapse. To post a comment, you still click on post a comment when it's in expand mode.

  2. I've added a "new comments" feature that should indicate to you any new comments on posts. Update: I removed this as it didn't seem to be working correctly.

  3. I added a Recent Comments section on the right side, below the list of all your blogs. This lists all the comments made on any posts on the main page. It lists them in the order of the posts, not necessarily the most recent comment on top. Your name links to your profile, the date and time links to the post where the comment is. I'm still messing around with this one a little . . .

  4. Made the archives link a drop down menu.

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