Monday, February 25, 2013

No More Recess (for Congress)

Just a quick post to point out yet another frustration with the current "high-stakes", "high-standards", "high-accountability" movement in education. This has resulted in the completely predictable outcome that many elementary schools are cutting back on recess in order to cram in more instruction to improve test scores. This despite the fact that there is both educational research and brain research that indicate that physical activity (such as recess) will improve learning and academic achievement. (Of course I don't think that's the only argument for recess - kids should have recess because kids should play.)

So imagine my dismay when I realized that Congress was just on recess last week - again - despite the looming sequester. So here's my not-so-modest proposal: K-12 students should get at least as much recess as Congress does. And Congress should not get any recess until they meet the standard of effective governing (for example, perhaps pass a budget and avoid the sequester).


  1. I firmly believe that the first cut that happens if the sequester occurs is that not one Congressman should be paid a dime until this is resolved.

  2. Interesting how Congress is great about making recommendations, policies, laws, etc. from which they are exempt, no? Health care, benefits packages, etc.

    At EduCon in Philly last January, I said we needed BESO in schools: Break Everything, Start Over. Maybe it is about time for that in our government, too.