Friday, April 01, 2011

I'm Going (to) Nowhere, How About You?

If you live in the Denver metro area, considering attending a screening of Race to Nowhere on Tuesday, April 5th, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary School in Littleton. I'll be there and I hope you'll join us. You can purchase tickets for $10 (plus $1.54 fee) online or pay $15 at the door (space available, I assume).

Following the screening they will have a student panel discussion, moderated by my district's Director of Secondary Education.


  1. I attended a screening here in the Bay Area over a year ago...this is an important film with a most important message and I'm glad the project continues to develop momentum.

    If nothing else, this film project is doing a nice job of connecting adult stakeholders who have an interest in creating a more humane experience for children.

    Enjoy the screening and the conversation that follows.

  2. I would love to hear the discussion after. Any way you can record and post it?

  3. Leslie - It appears they will not be streaming the discussion afterward.

  4. I believe this is a imortant film to watch for future educators and also for parents. I am interested to see what the student discussion afterwards holds.

  5. I think this will be a very important film for educators to watch and to learn from. I hope to watch this film some day.