Friday, March 11, 2011

Archive of School Board Social Media Discussion

Here's the archive of the LPS School Board's discussion surrounding social media.

The Prezi that our CIO used:

Ustream archive (very out of focus video, but the audio is good):

Video streaming by Ustream

CoverItLive Archive:


  1. Hey Mr. Fisch,

    My name is Brittni Sasser and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class and was assigned to your blog this week!

    The first slide show by Prezi was awesome! I enjoyed looking at each category and the examples that went along. I look forward to bringing Social Media into my classroom because it offers a great way to communicate, to gain information, and to stay connected with one another and technology. I am glad I got the chance to read your post this week. If you would like to check out my blog, click here!

  2. I've read this discussion very closely. As a student affected by these topics, I have to say that the district is too paranoid of the new technology that is social media. School should prepare us for the real world, because there is no other "safe" world we can go to.

    If I can watch a man get shot in the head in Vietnam in my US History class, why can't I post a thought online? Censorship is a bad idea. The reason we are shown these images in school is to show us how the real world operates. What's the difference?

    Sheltering us from social media is a losing battle. We will use it outside of the classroom. Some of us will even use it through our 3G or 4G networks in class. All attempting to shelter us does is antagonizes the administration in the eyes of the student.

    Granted, students are also kids. Many of us will misuse these media centers, sure. However, if they don't make mistakes, they will never learn from them! In the same way we write essays continually to get better at them, we should be able to interact online to get "better" at that too.

    Thanks Mr. Fisch for fighting for our rights in education!