Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Warrior Work 10-13-09

I often write on this blog about various things that teachers and students in my school are doing. But I find that I don’t always post as often as I could because I want to write a well-crafted, meaningful blog post to go along with each one. Since I can’t always find the time, or the necessary wisdom, to do that, many things that I could share end up not being shared.

While I still plan on writing those more meaningful posts when I can, I’m going to try to do a better job of just quickly sharing links in occasional “Warrior Work” posts like this one. So, here goes.

Anne Smith is wondering about writing conferences:
With increasing my student numbers in all my classes, this semester I have had student conferences at every single off hour plus before and after school, so I know that the conferences are meaningful. I am just wondering if I need to focus more on the preconference or post conference. Maybe I should let the kids pick which one works better for them?
Students react to the poem “Invictus”:
Choose a line from it that captures the theme of the piece, makes you think about your life, America, our freedoms, etc.
Breaking the Frozen Sea:
According to Franz Kafka, “a book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.” What you think this quotation means? Which short story or personal essay (“Lamb to the Slaughter,” "Born of Man and Woman," "The Lady or the Tiger," "The Utterly Perfect Murder," "Fish Eyes," "The Scarlet Ibis") has broken the most “frozen sea” inside of you?
Post Puritanism:
Pretend you’re living in the decades following the Salem Witch Trials.

You’re well educated (obviously), and, as such, you have the power to recreate society.

What concerns would you have about the way the past decades were governed?

The way community was formed?

The way people were punished?

How people gained and maintained power, etc.?

What might you change?
Soldiers’ Bodies:
Should the U.S. military put soldiers in harm's way in order to rescue or recover other soldiers? Why or why not?
Periodic Trends

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