Monday, October 26, 2009

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor . . . Tonsils

Maura Moritz's daughter just had her tonsils out. Being the good Mom that she is, she's staying home with her until she's feeling better. Being the good teacher that she is, she didn't want her class to lose out on valuable instructional time. They were scheduled to do a fishbowl with live blogging over Fahrenheit 451, so what to do?

Well, it's a fishbowl with live blogging. The first thing she can do is participate in the live blog (period 3, period 4). The second thing she can do is Skype into class so that she can see and hear the in-class fishbowl discussion.

Just one more example of how Skype is becoming more and more valuable in a school setting. Tell me again why Skype is blocked by so many school districts?


  1. Very cool!
    Is this fishbowl set-up like a socratic seminar? Please share details about the specific roles of those in the inner and outer circles. Many thanks!

  2. @jnece - Yes, very similar to a Socratic seminar. More info at and and example at

  3. Thanks for sharing Karl. Great idea!