Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thomas Friedman is Stealing My Ideas

Kidding. But in his latest Op-Ed piece he posits Steve Jobs going to GM and creating the iCar. If you think back to 2020 Vision, I had Apple teaming up with Google, creating the iMagine (and then the EyeMagine), and Google purchasing Ford and creating an electric car with wireless mesh capabilities. I decided to call that car the gCar, not the iCar as Friedman suggests, but I still want royalties.

And, looking back, do you remember who I had as President in 2018? As I said in that post, "I think this is a case of where the truth will end up being stranger than fiction." Umm, yep, I think that was an understatement.


  1. And the new Dodge Ram pickups have a wireless cloud. Sweeet.

  2. I use 2020 Vision as part of an introduction to Science Fiction to my 8th grade students. The line about President Obama will soon (happily) be obsolete. The three biggest things the kids discuss are President Obama, the gCar and the eyeMagine. (Probably because we live in Michigan where we would love to see Google team with Ford.) Keep up the futuristic thinking and may more of your Vision come true.

  3. @Mrs. Daniel - thanks for the info on what your students pick up on the most. It's always interesting to hear which parts stand out for which audience.