Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birmingham, Michigan is Looking for a Forward Thinking Principal

Just passing this along to anyone who might be interested . . .
If you know of any forward thinking, visionary folks who might be interested in being the new instructional leader (principal) at Birmingham's (Michigan) district wide 3-8 school please encourage them to consider this opportunity.
Birmingham has been doing some interesting things, including a new program called !gnite! which is designed around constructivism and the TCPK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) work of Dr. Punya Mishra at Michigan State.


  1. I would totally jump at this, if it weren't for the fact that I don't even have my master's yet. I'd love to helm a progressive thinking school, especially one here in Michigan so I could stay close to family. Oh well, opportunities and degrees will come with time.

  2. Karl - why not you? Though MI has been getting a bad rap lately - this beautiful suburb is an outstanding place to live and work and raise a child.

  3. Mary - sorry, I missed this comment somehow. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but in addition to not having my administrator license, I think I would probably be a horrible administrator. I say what I think too much and, more often that what I'd like, what I think isn't so well thought out.