Monday, April 07, 2008

AHS iPoem Contest

This post is primarily to help publicize this to the students at my high school, but of course anyone who reads this is welcome to run with the idea.

About a week ago I forwarded some resources that I had come across about National Poetry Month to my Language Arts teachers. One of them replied to say thanks and also mentioned that April 17th was Poem In Your Pocket Day. I jokingly emailed back that that "sounded like the iPoem™ to me". By the next day I was thinking that wasn't such a bad idea, so I pitched the idea to my Language Arts teachers who ran with it. Here are the details for AHS students (and anyone else who might be interested in the idea):

In celebration of National Poetry Month, AHS and the Muse (Arapahoe’s Literary Arts Magazine) are holding an iPoem contest. To participate you must compose an original poem and create a digital project that – at a minimum – includes audio of your poetry (it can be more extensive - see the PDF below for ideas). You will need to submit your project by 3:00 pm on Monday, April 28th. Entries will be judged by a semi-distinguished panel of AHS Language Arts teachers and the winner will receive an iPod Shuffle. For more details, see the AHS website (pdf) or your Language Arts teacher.


  1. Unfortunately, because I am at school right now, I cannot dig up this link to provide you, but....
    There are some fantastic examples of poetry animations/mash-ups on YouTube. I am thinking especially of a few I saw done with poems by Billy Collins, but those also led me to others. Definitely worth checking out and sharing with students!

  2. Karl, I don't know if you've run across this but an elementary school is looking for some other students to share poems via Skype.

    If any of your teachers are interested, here's the link: