Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Welcome Rocky Mountain News Readers

For those of you visiting the blog for the first time because of this article in the Rocky Mountain News, welcome to the conversation. This blog’s primary purpose is in support of our staff development efforts at Arapahoe High School. To learn more about the purpose of this particular blog, you might read About This Blog or The Beginning.

If you’re more interested in the Did You Know? presentation (original version or version 2.0), then visit this page on the wiki. You can click through the various posts to read through the history of the presentation that took on a life of its own (and much more info available on other pages on the wiki). You might also want to visit Scott McLeod's blog, as Scott played a large role in the spread of the presentation. If you’re interested in 2020 Vision or some of the other presentations, then visit the presentations page to find the presentations and links to the original posts for context. Please keep in mind all of these were intended to be the start of the conversation, not the end of the conversation, and should be viewed in that context.

If you’d like to read some more folks that are trying to figure out what our students need in order to be successful in the 21st century, then check out these bloggers. Thanks for joining the conversation.

Update: One small correction to that article in the Rocky Mountain News. At the height of it I was getting 50 e-mails a day related to the presentation. Right now I'm only getting about 5 to 10 a day.


  1. Congratulations, Karl! I was thrilled to open the paper this morning and to see that you are being given credit for all you do for us and for our students. Your make us better educators. Way to go!

  2. Karl, this is truly amazing. When I think about the first time I watched Did You Know? I get a little teary eyed. I couldn’t wait to share it with my family and friends. I feel privileged to be a part of the first to see this and other Karlisms. Thank you so much for opening our eyes to the world around us and making us think.

  3. What a wonderful article and some well deserved recognition. You are very modest about your contribution, but many like me appreciate it more than you know. I showed it to my staff in Rapid City, SD and jaws were dropping. It most certainly got some conversations started here. We have a ways to go, but at least we are talking. Thank you!

  4. Wow! This is exciting! Thanks for being patient and taking the last 2 1/2 years to work with all of us at AHS and to open our minds to ideas we never would have thought about before! This is a great time to be an educator! Good job, Karl!

  5. It's about time you got some press-time for what you've done. It's funny how long it takes some people to catch on. :)

    Great work!

  6. Karl, as everyone who posted before me said; thank you! I appreciate all you do for the staff at AHS, I know I am a better educator because of 21C. You deserve credit for all you have done, and the shift you instigate!

  7. Karl,

    Congratulations! What you are doing at your campus has been a model for all of us to follow.

    The work all of you are doing, and the way you have shared it with all of us, is inspiring.

    Thank you and congratulations on the MUCH deserved recognition!

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