Wednesday, October 17, 2007

20 To Watch

Well, since Scott outed me, I suppose I should link to the NSBA’s “20 to Watch.”

This is certainly a nice honor, but like the article in the paper the other day, it feels a little strange. Since most of what I do is simply write about what other folks are doing, either in my building or elsewhere, I’m not sure I’m real comfortable being the one singled out. So, if you’re a teacher in my school, or if you’re someone who I’ve written about previously, consider yourself “one of many to watch.”

And congrats to the other folks on the list, especially Scott and Gary Stager, the two other folks that I "know."

Update 10-24-07: NSBA has added podcasts for a few folks. They interviewed us over the phone and then edited them way down. Here's mine (or direct mp3 file 3 minutes, 2.75 MB) - not as bad as I feared.

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