Saturday, June 16, 2007

Presenting at TIE and NECC

We'll be presenting at both TIE (Copper Mountain, Colorado, Wed 6/20/07, 1:00-3:00, Wheeler A, Copper Station) and NECC (Atlanta, Georgia, Tuesday, 6/26/07, 3:30–4:30, GWCC B208, blog tag: n07s647) in the next few weeks. The presentations are pretty much the same to begin with, but I think they'll end up being different due to the different audiences and the different structures of the sessions.

At TIE, we'll have two hours and everyone will have a computer in front of them. That means they can explore some of our examples on their own - and also that they can explore other things if we aren't engaging enough. The two hours will also allow us more time for conversation and it will likely be a fairly small audience (could be as many as 50, but probably 15-20). TIE also attracts a wide range of attendees, from veteran ed tech folks in Colorado to never-attended-an-ed-tech-conference-but-really-want-to-learn folks.

At NECC, we'll only have one hour and only those folks that bring their own laptops will have a computer in front of them. We really hope to create a conversation, but with that limited amount of time - and with possibly a much bigger audience (the room is big, but who knows how many will attend) - that's much harder. And I would guess that - overall - the NECC audience is more experienced than the TIE audience (but I could be wrong about that).

If anyone is planning on coming to either one, we have a quick blog set up for each session (blog for TIE session, blog for NECC session) where you can see the links to our examples (note that we will not be "covering" all of this, just there for reference later) and also a post where you can submit questions to us ahead of time. After the session there will then be another post up for feedback on the session and/or additional questions.

It will be interesting to see how they go - and how many people come to each session. It might turn out that it's easy to have a conversation because it might just be the five of us who are presenting in the room. At TIE we're opposite one of Will's sessions (as well as many other interesting looking sessions). And at NECC we're opposite a plethora of great sessions. Hmm, is it considered bad form to sneak out of your own session in order to go to someone else's?

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