Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thought for the Day: 4-8-07

From the San Antonio Express-News (via Dan Pink's blog):
"Left brain is logic, right brain is creativity," he said. "We don't want our kids to compete internationally with half of their brain tied behind their backs."

- State Representative Rob Eissler commenting on the importance of arts education.
I think this is an excellent quote for the Colorado Legislature to keep in mind as they debate increasing requirements for high school graduation in so-called "core" areas, at the possible expense of - let's see, the opposite of core might be - "peripheral" areas like the arts. Let's don't tie our students' brains behind their backs . . .


  1. Great. Now, how long before you get State-sanctioned Creativity Certification, Creativity Testing and Accountability?

    And what part of the brain is it that says "competition ain't the name of the game?"

  2. If any of you have received the new NEA magazine, there is a great article in there about "alternative" learners and the teachers that supported them. Over and over again, these students say that they would have never stayed in school if it wasn't for this support and the opportunity for different kinds of alternative classes (music, art, auto, etc.). And we wonder why our drop out rate keeps going up...

  3. The question [usually for literature classes] always needs to be ask, "If we don't allow for creativity to be taught in the schools, then who will students study, if no one knows how to be creative!" I always like to tell my students that I want them in their 'right mind' when they are in art class. Thanks for reinforcing this.

  4. It's interesting that you bring up creativity's relationship to literature, Joe. I find myself feeling guilty when I do things that are overly creative like it isn't substantive enough. It's great to know that these right brained activities still have a place and a purpose outside of the art classroom as well.

  5. Creativity is what it's all about. One expectation for all drives me nuts. And so, we continue the discussion for Colorado - How do we make a world class education system? Thanks Karl for posting. And thanks to all your "commenters." You keep me going.