Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pay Attention

Darren Draper is a Technology Curriculum Specialist in the Jordan School District in Utah. He put together the following presentation
to motivate educators around the world to more effectively use technology in their teaching.
Much as with the series of presentations I've created, Darren wants this to be a conversation starter, not the end of the conversation. I suggest you take about 8 minutes and watch it, then head over to this list of resources that accompany it. (If YouTube is blocked in your district, Darren has a copy of it posted at the previous link, or it's also up on TeacherTube.)

Once you've watched it and looked at the resources, make sure you start some of those conversations . . .

1 comment:

  1. Interesting collection of facts, opinion and propaganda. I should be all praise for this and its ideas, but there's something manipulative about it that I resist. Something about the music and the visuals combination.

    Still, it's food for thought. You and readers might find relevance and more resources in this post by Jay Cross on the eLeaning Guild Gathering 2007. I particularly liked the link, but there are lots of gems in this.