Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ability Awareness

First, please download and watch this movie (18.4 MB, 11:36).

Then think about how often we stamp "can't" on somebody's forehead.

You can order a DVD if you wish.

Via Jim Gates.


  1. An excellent post Karl. Thanks for sharing that.

    I have a fair bit of experience working with students with mild to severe needs, and I am pretty sensitive to perceptions. I'll be sharing this video too!

    I'm not sure if you have seen this video yet, or not, but I thought I would share as it is of a similar theme.

    In My Language, found on youtube at:



  2. The cleverness of this video proves Tyler's point precisely.

    Also, as I anticipate the absence of basic skills classes next year, I will keep close to my lesson plans Tyler's emphasis on ability, not disability.

  3. I showed the video to my class and they responded positively. When I was showing it to another teacher, some of her students saw a few seconds of the video after the switch and one of the boys commented, "He's a retard."
    For every human helping (or getting out of the way) of those like Tyler, there is another putting up barriers. This video reminds me which side I need to choose>

  4. This was an amazing video. Thanks for sharing it.