Saturday, February 03, 2007

We'll Need To Rethink . . . Everything?

Via Jeff Utecht.

The main reason for this post is the video below. But as a side note, before tonight I'd never heard of digital ethnography. A very interesting combination, I think.

From the Digital Ethnography Workgroup:
Digital - because digital media provide exciting possibilities for creating, transforming and combining representations.

Ethnography - because the best way to find out how people make meaning is to go among them and carefully examine what they actually do.

Workgroup - because knowledge is the quintessential social product, and science requires co-labor-ation.
The video is only 4:31 - well worth your time. I think it goes along nicely with 2020 Vision (although this is much better - not to mention a lot shorter).


  1. This is the second time in the last two days that my reaction is simply, "Wow."

    Rethink everything is right.

  2. The speed of change in the world of technology is a-MAZE-ing. Student adaption is a different animal than the adult's in their lives reactions. If adults haven't kept pace with the ways technology impacts our world - understanding the speed of adaption is mind-boggling. This certainly pushes home the concept that being a life-long learner includes staying current with the world and technology, not just a favorite interest. Thanks Karl.

  3. Thanks Karl for sharing this with us. I feel for the first time in my life like I am, as an educator, on the verge of being a part of something truly magnificent.

  4. This is mind-boggling; I feel like crying and twirling all at once! (Interesting picture, I know.) I cannot imagine any other profession that is currently pressing the paradigms as much as education. Viva la Vie Constructivism!

  5. This is an incredible video. The web is so much a part of us it's incredible. I myself am typing this post from a Nintendo Wii. Half my letters are not even typed by myself but rather from a dictionary function that predicts what word you are writing before you finish it and fills the spaces in. I found this page from a link from a page I hit on a Google search. I look over this page and I see names, usernames, the connections to people whom I've never met or heard of. All we share is this single page and that page, all these pages, bind the world together. I'm not tech savvy, my Wii's functions are limited, and at sixteen I can send a compliment to a college professor across the country. This is truly a reimagined world.