Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Go watch this 5 minute video over on Learning Is Messy.

Okay, let's see what we've got.
  1. School Building and Classroom already there - free. Check.
  2. Computer in Classroom with broadband Internet access already there - free. Check.
  3. Webcam - either already there or less than $50. Check.
  4. Headphones - either already there or less than $40 for a USB headphone with microphone. Check.
  5. Skype - free. Check.
  6. Fourth graders already there - free. Check.
  7. Caring and Web 2.0 Savvy Teacher already there - free. Check.
  8. Fourth grader at home with leukemia being able to participate in class - priceless.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, priceless. We are just scratching the surface of the possibilities ahead. I love the compassion of the kids in class towards their new classmate and her situation. What a great learning experience for all involved.

    And as a Spanish teacher, I can only imagine what we could do with this...