Monday, February 19, 2007

Podcasting En Español - El Día de San Valentín y A.P.

We talked a little bit about podcasting with Cohort 2 last Tuesday. Jenny gets the award for quickest to implement a technology she just learned about – she started with her students that afternoon. This wasn’t a case of, “Ooh, cool new technology, let’s use it.” She had a purpose, and asked the students what they thought. Several volunteered, and now she has two sets of podcasts up.

In second and third year Spanish:
Students in 2nd and 3rd year Spanish classes wrote poems, odes, or letters to someone or something that they love and presented them in class on Valentine's Day.
And in A.P. Spanish: (also check out the AP Spanish blog )
When my class found out about this task last week, they were nervous to say the least. They had to read a paragraph, then listen to a minute long excerpt (all full of challenging vocabulary), and then present orally for two minutes comparing/contrasting/relating to the two sources. Here is the product of their first formal oral presentation.
This was their first attempt at this, so we’ll get better at the technical aspects. So, if you speak Spanish and have a moment, please stop by and give them some constructive criticism.

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