Friday, January 26, 2007

2007 AHS Faculty Dance Video

We take a break from this blog's regularly scheduled content to show you what my faculty does when they're not changing the world.

For the last seven years our faculty has performed a dance number at our winter pep assembly. Believe it or not, they volunteer for this. Maura has choreographed all seven years, and they usually practice for about two weeks before the assembly. As you'll see, a circuit breaker trips in the middle and they lose the music (this happened a couple of years ago as well). Troopers that they are, they start over from the top.

You can watch the Google Video version embedded below, or download the Quicktime version (124 MB). Due to what I'm sure will be popular demand, I've also uploaded the previous six years' worth of videos as well (2001 - Grease, 2002 - 70's, 2003 - 80's, 2004 - 90's, 2005 - 00's, 2006 - 70's, 2007 - 80's) - it's best to watch them at original size (320 x 240), not full screen.

Do I work in a fun building or what?!


  1. O.k. -- that's brilliant. Did the kids get all the 80s references?

  2. Chris - they get quite a few of the references, but not all of them. If you listen carefully to the crowd reaction, you'll notice that many of them recognized each song within the first couple of seconds. And most of them recognized the lineup for Thriller before the music started.

    So, does this mean we can expect an SLA Dance Video soon? :-)

  3. H*ly cr@p, I work in an elementary school with. like, 30 teachers and we could never be that together! And for so long!

    That was too funny. Great job. I can't wait to have a minute to watch the others.

    Why is there a big block of white on the side opposite the camera in several of the videos?

  4. The big block of white on the opposite side is the pep band - they're all wearing white shirts.

  5. I so want to work in your building! This is awesome! I'm going to recommend it to everyone I know!

  6. I don't know about the rest of the folks who watch this video but I had a smile on my face the whole time. What great fun that was!! You certainly DO work in a fun place.

  7. Karl,
    Yes, I want to work at your school! Believe it or not, it brought a tear to my eye as I reacted to the fact that EVERYONE was having a blast, together - students and teachers. Your teachers were able to make fun of themselves through costume and dance.
    That's what I want to see more of in our schools - the ability to enjoy memorable experiences together where all are connected equally. The sad reaction on my part was due to the reality that we see very little of these kinds of interactions in our schools.
    Why? Am I just being overly sentimental?

  8. Thanks for all of the nice things that were said about the was fun to do and I have to admit I showed it to my third hour today! My parents, sister and brother enjoyed it too!

  9. I am not a teacher yet, but hope to start in August. I hope my future co-workers will be willing to do something fun like this. It looks like a great place. Thanks for psting it for us.

  10. Karen--Every year I watch the pep assembly (I teach at Arapahoe, but don't dance) and my eyes also tear up when I see the kids respond so positively to their teachers. This year was no exception. The video doesn't show it, but when the circuit blew and the music stopped, the entire senior class started clapping and shouting in unison, "Teachers! Teachers!" with a great deal of spirit. From what I could tell, they were encouraging, not mocking the adults. They truly love the dance--and their teachers.

    We have a fantastic student body.