Friday, December 01, 2006

You Say You Want A Revolution

This post is mainly for cohort 2 of my staff development.

This post is a result of both the morning and afternoon cohort 2 sessions yesterday. I was both encouraged and somewhat frightened by the sessions yesterday and wanted to touch base with you virtually to see if what I thought I observed actually took place. My impression from both groups was that you have suddenly taken about 3 or 4 giant steps forward in your thinking regarding constructivism and some of the changes in instruction here at Arapahoe that we've been talking about. I'm not suggesting that we are all in total agreement or anything, but it sure seemed to me that the discussion has shifted significantly from focusing on whether these ideas have merit to how do we overcome the obstacles. While we still have lots to read and think about, and still have significant questions about how to actually do this effectively in our classrooms, is this a fairly accurate assessment of where many of you are at?

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