Saturday, December 30, 2006

RSS Feed Might Be Changing

The Fischbowl is a Blogger blog and, because Blogger has recently come out with a new version, I will be moving it over to the new version within the next week or so (probably January 2nd or 3rd). Theoretically, that won't cause any problems, as the URL and RSS Feed address should remain the same. But if you read this blog in your RSS aggregator, you might make sure you are still receiving feeds after the changeover. Also, from watching other converted Blogger blogs in my aggregator, it's likely that some posts you've already read will come through as new again (hopefully just once).

As a side note, I started this blog in September of 2005, so it's a little more than 15 months old. (I guess that makes it a toddler, just learning to get around and finding its voice. Please, no comments about potty training.) If you'd asked me back in September of 2005 about whether I would be worried about converting my blog to a new version of Blogger and possibly losing posts and/or comments, I would've laughed. Really hard. But it's funny, I am a little worried about losing stuff. This blog has helped start and continue conversations not just in my building, but beyond, and I find myself not wanting to lose the record of those conversations. I really don't know how many people read The Fischbowl, since I didn't know enough to setup something like a Feedburner RSS feed when I started this. Bloglines tells me that 238 people are subscribed through Bloglines, but there are many other RSS aggregators out there, as well as pretty much all the modern web browsers have RSS built-in to them now (and, of course, some people actually visit the blog itself). With a little luck, the transition will go smoothly, and the conversations really won't be affected if The Fischbowl gets flushed, but wish me luck anyway.



  1. Hi!

    I'm one of your 238 Bloglines subscribers as of last week. I've already referenced you in my blog, Beyond School (sanguine8 dot livejournal dot com ). I'm in Seoul, and some old colleagues in Shanghai, plus an English professor in Virginia, are having similar conversations--and borrowing ideas from you (so far, the fischbowl reader response on blogs--love the idea).

    If I lose you on Bloglines, I'll be sure and find you and resubscribe.

    Keep the posts coming!

    Clay Burell

  2. Karl,
    I've only been blogging since this summer. I took the plunge this weekend and converted by Blogger blog to the new version and had no trouble except that I have to replace some of the things that I had placed in the sidebar like chicklets, clustrmap, etc. Good luck!

  3. Karl,
    I, too, am one of your subscribers and converted about a month or so ago. The new version is even easier to use and has more features.
    I do need to set up my blog roll again and it did remove most of the subscribers listed for my blog.
    A small price to pay for ease of use.