Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Photo Story 3 Tutorial Screencast

Several of our teachers are having students use Photo Story (or something of their own choosing) to create digital stories. I developed a quick overview handout for Photo Story and then did a couple of quick training sessions with classes. After repeating myself a few times, I decided maybe it was worth it (and good practice for me) to create a screencast that our students (and teachers) could watch if they wanted to learn the basics of Photo Story. It turned out okay, other than being a little too long (it's 11 minutes) and a little rough around the edges. It's also a very large file, so it takes a couple of minutes to load the screencast, even over broadband, but I thought I'd share it in case anyone else could use it.

Flash Version (better quality, but takes a while to load).

Windows Media Player Version (13 MB, quality is not as good, but it is downloadable).


  1. I watched it and it was very informative. Thanks, Karl, for sharing your expertise.

  2. Michele showed me the sample photo story she created for her English Literature students using one of the pilgrims from The Canterbury Tales. It was fabulous, and I want to try this some time! How much time does it take students to learn this information and then create their own stories?