Wednesday, October 11, 2006

SAT Vocab Podcast - Wonder Woman Gone Country

Anne Smith's students have a new set of podcasts up. This time it's her ninth grade honors students.
Every week in English Nine Honors, students are given a set of ten SAT preparatory vocabulary words. Last week’s words were astute, asylum, atone, atrocity, atrophy, attrition, augment, augur, authentic, austere. They are expected to know and use these words appropriately by the end of the week. One exciting part of getting a new set of words to learn, besides of course learning new words, is our Wednesday vocabulary activity. Students have created bumper stickers, pick up lines, written letters of complaint and recommendation. However, none are as clever as when they are asked to create a country western song about Wonder Woman.
As Anne says, take a listen and see if you can pick out the vocab words in the podcasts. Then give them some feedback (again, constructive feedback please, they are not claiming to be great singers ).

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