Friday, August 11, 2006

Wikipedia - A Source for Current Events?

Steve Dembo posts about the recent foiled terrorist plot. He talks about visiting CNN and other news sites for information, then checking out Wikipedia:
Then I checked out the article on Wikipedia. I gotta admit, the article by far had the most complete set of information of any site I visited. Everything was meticulously linked so you could always go back to the original sources if you wanted to verify any information. They also had a ton of info that I never saw on any other sites.
It's worth reading the entire post. As I've said before, I think Wikipedia is too quickly dismissed by some as "unreliable." While we obviously need to teach our students about the reliability of information on Wikipedia (and how to deal with that), it has once again proved itself (as it did with the tsunami) as a valuable source of information.

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  1. I totally agree. People who dismiss Wikipedia use other Internet resources, don't they? Wikipedia articles are not always completely accurate, but they get revised constantly! Double-checking information with other sources should be common sense in the Internet age anyway.