Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Producers and Consumers

Anne already has her students rockin' and rollin'. In this post she asks her freshmen:
What does it mean to have a professional learning environment? What does it mean to be a producer of information versus a consumer of information?
Take a look at the 57 comments (as of this writing). Some are well written, some are not, but keep in mind that these are freshmen who were commenting from home on the night of their first day of high school. The comments are very interesting to read. I liked this one from Adriana:
Producers and consumers need to communicate both ways to be productive. A classroom should work the same way. A good teacher does not only give information to students, but listens to their reactions. A good student has to do more than listen. He or she has to play an active roll in their education. No environment can function smoothly and efficiently when some people are participating solely as consumers or producers.

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  1. As I sit back and watch a student teacher try to develop some of these ideas, it has been interesting to watch their eyes light up at the possibilities, yet then back off when they realize that work is involved. My hunch is that the teacher's intro to the idea is key. But so is having a room of willing players.