Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Have a Great First Day

Alicia had this to say (via Bud the Teacher):
I was smiling walking into the building thinking about the minds that I would get to meet and mold and form. I looked over the balcony, down at the kids, thinking that those were the students I would get to know over the next nine months. Months from now I will look down and know who they were, but for a few moments they were just a mass of khakis and polos, tucked in. They looked sharp. They were potential.
I hope everybody has a great first day tomorrow. It's all about the potential.

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  1. I think that all teachers go should go into the first day feeling this way. It is great to watch the kids grow throughout their years in the high school. It was exciting to see my first group of freshman go through graduation last year.