Monday, April 10, 2006

NY Times on Your iPod

So, you say you don't have enough time to read all the blogs I think you should put in your RSS aggregator? Well, if you own an iPod (or other mp3 player), the NY Times (among others) is offering a partial solution. Simply subscribe to a plethora of podcasts within iTunes, synch it to your iPod, and listen in the car, while you're exercising, or during Wednesday's faculty meeting (just kidding, Ron).

The NY Times' offerings include daily summaries of the front page, the 3 most emailed articles, and the Washington Report. You can also get weekly podcasts of Science Times, Health Update, and Book Reviews (among many others). They even offer a podcasts of one of the previous weeks' op-ed columns that is normally a "Times Select" option (meaning you have to pay for it).

Of course, NPR offers even more choices . . .

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