Saturday, April 15, 2006

Finding Happiness in a Harvard Classroom

From NPR's All Things Considered, take a look (and a listen) to this story:
At Harvard University this semester, students are flocking to a new class that might give them some insight into the secret to happiness. Psychology 1504, or "Positive Psychology," has become the most popular course on campus.
This is something I'd like to spend more time learning and thinking about - both for myself and our students. Ironically, I haven't had the time to do it. (Brian, notice what author and topic the graphic is talking about - did you ever get a chance to read Flow? I checked it out from the library, but didn't have time to wade through it.) In case you're skeptical, this is not just "touchy-feely" stuff, there is a core of research to back up these ideas and that they can be used not just to feel good, but to maximize productivity and achievement.

The other thing I thought was interesting was that it links to the web page for the course at Harvard where - among other things - you can see the readings (including links to some of them), and watch videos of the lectures themselves. Hmm, if I'm an AHS student, do I take Psychology at AHS or do the reading and watch the lectures from Harvard while wearing my pajamas or sitting in my backyard enjoying the sunshine?

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  1. So why pay for a Harvard education? Especially when ARapahoe will provide it for free?!