Friday, January 27, 2006

More College Knowledge

As promised, I'm sharing more excerpts from College Knowledge.

Do teachers employ grading techniques that encourage students to master the requisite skills for college success and to mature intellectually, rather than simply to complete the assigned tasks?

. . . Elements of the grading system that are really measures of behavior and attitude more than performance are particularly suspect. (p. 45)
I think this nicely refers back to our discussions with Tony Winger around the compliance issue. I know we're rather tired of the grading discussions, but I think this will be the only grading excerpt from the book. And I thought it was worth blogging about because it is from the perspective of research on what we can do to increase college success. So for those who are worried that modifying their grading structure might displease students/parents/administrators, it gives you another tool to help in your discussion about why you believe the changes you are making are worthwhile and necessary.

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