Friday, December 09, 2005

Student Created Blogs

Here is a comment on one of Jesse's posts:

Mr. Craig, remember me from bio? I think that your blog on Creation vs. Evolution is fantastic. I believe that discussions over controversial topics are a way to promote students to be more open-minded. I would appreciate it if you read my entry on your blog and if you (or anyone that reads this) would go to my blog, to witness an outside of school discussion of religon vs. atheism. Feel free to post your thoughts. Evolution is a hot topic. Thanks.

And I believe the same thing happened in Kristin's class - students created a separate blog to talk about some things they wanted to discuss. I think it's interesting that some of our work has now spawned students discussing - on their own time and their own intiative - some very important issues.


  1. Some of the things that have been written on Simon's blog are very interesting. You should check it out!

  2. I cannot believe the conversations that are going on about this topic. It is terrific.

  3. I love the fact that these learners are taking things a step farther. James is right, the conversations are amazing. Could you imagine what class would be like if we had the time/freedom to entertain these types of discussions?

  4. The thing that strikes me most from the three individuals is NOT the level of their debate as all three are very bright. Instead it is the fact that 2 of the 3 rarely spoke in class. It was a class that, in my mind, was geared towards discussion, but I could not get two to play very often. The other seemed to hold back this level of thought. Wow.