Thursday, November 17, 2005

Plans for Grading?

I’d like to suggest that each of you consider posting to your personal blog your plans for grading/assessing next semester (this could be one of your Take 5 posts - bonus!). While not all of us are in the same place with this (nor should be), my guess is that at least some of us are going to change our grading setup for next semester based on some of the ideas we discussed yesterday.

I would suggest you post something similar to what Anne and Amanda laid out on the board. I was thinking of maybe three components. A list of the categories and percents you are going to assign to each; a description of what types of assignments would go into each category; and then a brief discussion of your thought process that led you to this. You might also post questions for the group to comment on if you need help clarifying or are unsure about something. Even if you are not planning on changing your grading scheme, please post about that as well. Describe what you are thinking and how you like what you are presently doing. Again, you can post questions for the group if you are exploring tinkering with your plan or have other concerns.

Please post this to your personal blog, not as a comment to this post or a separate post on The Fischbowl. This will allow other class members to directly comment on your ideas and give you feedback.

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