Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Warriors Always Take Care of One Another . . . and Others

For the last ten or so years my school has participated in a Toys-for-Tots campaign, where we "adopt" a local elementary school and students bring in new toys to give to those elementary students. Our collection campaign concluded last week with our annual wrapping party, where students gather after school and wrap over 1000 presents in less than an hour, and then they get put in a room until we deliver them one day the next week in the afternoon after morning final exams.

Obviously, the events of last Friday threatened to disrupt things this year. But we decided that going ahead was not only the right thing to do, but the best thing to do (both for our students and theirs). So this afternoon a busload of our students visited Valverde Elementary in Denver and delivered toys for those students. (An additional delivery of toys is also made to the Denver Indian Center.) Our Arapahoe Singers went along and sang for them as well.

Next time someone is critical of teenagers feel free to acknowledge that the particular criticism may indeed be valid, but it is not the entire story. Our teenagers are amazing. They are #ArapahoeStrong. They are #WarriorStrong. And Warriors always take care of one another . . . and others as well.

I've only received a few pictures so far, but I'll add more later if I get some. Toward the end of this short video there is some brief footage of the scene at Valverde today.

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  1. That is so sweet that ya'll do Toy's for Tots for other schools. I too donate to children in need during the Christmas season. It is a wonderful but simple thing to do for others that bring them so much joy!