Saturday, August 03, 2013

Help Me Make This #howtolearnmath Poster Better

I'm still enjoying my How To Learn Math class. In a recent session, Professor Boaler talks about her own "Mathematical Thinking Process" and how we often don't make that very transparent to our students. (She describes her process in the first few minutes of this video.)

As a result I got to thinking that perhaps I should create a poster for my classroom that illustrates some of these ideas, both for students to refer to and to remind me to make my own thinking transparent when I glance at it.

My design ability is, ahem, less than awesome. So I thought I'd ask for your help. Here's my first attempt. It's just text right now, but I think it could be improved in a lot of ways. Perhaps change the wording, or the font, or the colors, or the layout, or add pictures or illustrations. I'd like to have it on one page so that I can create a large poster of it and perhaps print it out for students to put in their notebooks.

It's in Google Docs, so go ahead and make a copy, improve it, and then post a link in the comments. Or, if you'd prefer to use a more robust piece of design software, go ahead and do that and then leave a link in the comments. I'd really appreciate your time and talent if you'd like to spend a few minutes making this better. As with everything on this blog, it will be freely available to everyone, so please don't include any copyrighted images.

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