Monday, December 24, 2012

Student and Parent Evaluations of Me

I just posted this on my Algebra Class Blog, but I thought I'd share it here as well. I offered the students and parents in my Algebra class the opportunity to fill out a short evaluation of me at the end of the semester. This was optional, and including their name was optional. So far I have 15 student responses and 11 parent responses (out of 27 in the class).

Here's the post:

While you can still submit your evaluation of me (and your parents can submit their evaluation of me here), here are the results so far from the ones you've submitted. Note that I've slightly edited them. As you may recall, you could include your name if you wished (11 out of the 15 submitted did), so I edited that column out. Similarly, your parents could include their name (10 out of the 11 submitted did), which I edited out, and some of them included identifying information in their comments, so I edited those a bit as well (for example, changing a name to "StudentName").

Note that these are copies of the evaluations (so I could edit them), so if you or your parents submit additional evaluations using the links above they will not immediately appear below (although I may copy over the results eventually).

So, what do you think, anything we can learn from these?

Student Feedback

 Parent Feedback

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  1. In looking at the parents comments it seems they talking about students taking more responsibility and ownership of their learning. They seem to appreciate the flipped model, which takes pressur off them to be a helper of homework at night. I agree that the style of math has certainly changed which made the 5th grade parents I had quite stressed. I applaud your ability to do the weekly email to parents. I think this helps both students and parents know they are not just an assessment score data point in your class but real students that you are working to connect with on a real time level.